Virgin Airdonate

The Challenge


Virgin Atlantic has 2.3 million members with 40% of them never redeeming their frequent flyer miles. My challenge was to think of a simple and quick method to get these members to redeem their frequent flyer miles for a good cause.



The Solution


My solution was Virgin Airdonate, a new system for encouraging Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members to donate their air miles to charity. Through a simple app interface members can choose what charities their miles go to and how they are used to help that chosen charity.


Within the app members can choose a charity to donate to and then decide how their miles can help that chosen charity. Members can still earn small rewards from donating and as a thank you from Virgin, members can be entered into a jackpot where they have a chance of winning an exciting prize, the more they donate the more chance they have at winning. Furthermore, Members also have the opportunity to see how their miles have made an impact within the 'Your Help' section.

Shortlisted for Creative Conscience 2017





Process Book


The process book I have created is simply a system for organising everything I have for my Virgin Airdonate idea. This was a very enjoyable project as I was free to create my book in anyway I wanted, it also gave me further experience in using InDesign.


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