How Would You Conquer Paper?

The Challenge


Create a physical experience for Conqueror that explores and celebrates the possibilities of paper as a physical, tactile, and creative material for design. It has to be created using paper, in a way that brings the medium back to the forefront of creative minds.



The Solution


I created a direct mail pack inviting creatives to an event to inspire them to use paper by seeing the different ways it can be expressed. Creatives will receive a background to paper, an invitation, creative inspiration and a blank piece of Conqueror paper that they would use to represent themselves as a creative.


The Event


A the event creatives will be able to see how others have expressed their creativity. The paper will be displayed in the style of an exhibition along with the name of the piece, the creatives name and their profession. There will be many different types of creatives meaning there will be a wide range of finishes and designs.

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